Abstract Among the many challenges facing space physics today is the need for an analysis and visualization package which can examine the results from numerical and empirical models as well as observational data. In this paper we introduce the CISM-DX package as a possible answer to this problem. We have created a tool which is capable of completing highly sophisticated visualizations of the results from a diverse set of models throughout the connected Sun-Earth system. We begin with an overview of the open source software programs, OpenDX and Octave, which form the basis of our package. Next we discuss the extensions to these programs that we have added to enhance their utility to the space physics community. We also discuss the extensive database of observations that is included with CISM-DX. Results from heliospheric simulations are used to highlight the ease at which a novice user can begin to utilize these tools. An energy budget calculation during a magnetospheric substorm simulation illustrates the more advanced analysis possible with the CISM-DX package. Next we highlight the extensive database of observational measurements included with the distribution, along with tools for displaying them. This package is being released under an open source licensing agreement to facilitate and encourage community use and contribution. Full Article


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