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ttp://tsds.net/ Abstract: Time Series Data Server (TSDS) is a software package for implementing a server that provides fast super-setting, sub-setting, filtering, and uniform gridding of time series-like data. TSDS was developed to respond quickly to requests for long time spans of data. Data may be served from a fast database, typically created by aggregating granules (e.g., data files) from a remote data source and storing them in a local cache that is optimized for serving time series. The system was designed specifically for time series data, and is optimized for requests where the longest dimension of the requested data structure is time. Scalar, vector, and spectrogram time series types are supported. The user can interact with the server by requesting a time series, a date range, and an optional filter to apply to the data. Available filters include strides, block average/minimum/maximum, exclude, and inequality. Constraint expressions are supported, which allow such operations as a request for data from one time series when a different time series satisfied a specified relationship. TSDS builds upon DAP (Data Access Protocol), NcML (netCDF Mark-up language) and related software libraries. In this work, we describe the current design of this server, as well as planned features and potential implementation strategies.
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The Time Series Data System (TSDS) project involves:

  1. an API for time series-like data,
  2. a software package, TSS (Time Series Server), that implements this API and provides server-side super-setting, sub-setting, filtering, and uniform gridding of time series-like data,
  3. making the data holdings from several key data providers in the heliophysics environment accessible through the TSDS API, and
  4. client-side software for standard data analysis packages (IDL, MATLAB, Java, Python, and Excel) that will allow access to a TSDS-enabled server.

This project is in active development and a major release is planned for Summer, 2012.

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  • Plotting program using TSDS [2]
  • Catalogs (under development) [3]


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