Solar system caught in an interstellar tempest

Article in New Scientist Sept. 6, 2013

The solar system is travelling through much stormier skies than we thought, and might even be about to pop out of the huge gas cloud we have been gliding through for at least 45,000 years. That’s the implication of a multi-decade survey of the interstellar wind buffeting the solar system, which has …

International Reference Ionosphere (IRI)…22

The International Reference Ionosphere (IRI) is an international project sponsored by the Committee on Space Research (COSPAR) and the International Union of Radio Science (URSI).

Director of this project is Dieter K. Bilitza who is also a member of the SWL Research Faculty.

Scientists Prove Existence of ‘Magnetic Ropes’ that Cause Solar Storms

FAIRFAX, Va., June 15, 2011—George Mason University scientists discovered recently that a phenomenon called a giant magnetic rope is the cause of solar storms. Confirming the existence of this formation is a key first step in helping to mitigate the adverse effects that solar storm eruptions can have on satellite communications on Earth.

The discovery was made by associate …

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