Research initiatives for physics grad students- August 5, 2013

Hello All,
We are working with the Office of Equity and Diversity Services to develop a plan to increase the number of underrepresented minorities in physics at all levels.  We are meeting with Corey Jackson on the 20th of August to discuss our plans.  Prior to this meeting we would like to get feedback from SPACS faculty regarding this endeavor.
As many of you know we are currently working to develop a bridge to the PhD program for minority students. In addition we want to work with programs that already exist on campus to increase the number of minority high school students taking physics classes and then pursuing an undergraduate degree in physics.
Applicable to both this effort and our students overall we are interested in investigating ways to expand the research and funding sources for our students and would like to entertain the idea of internships with private companies.
Please join us to discuss what we should be doing to increase the number of minority students and/or to develop internships for all of our students at 1pm in room 242 on August 5th. If you can’t make it feel free to send along your ideas.
Rob Cressman
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